Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Football Manager 2012 oR FM12..

Hi all, its been a while since my last post, and i am not as active as before, playing FM was one of memorable moment of relaxing,and i enjoy it from the first FM i have played(fm06). But now, life must go on, each one of us will grow and be a more matured human i guess, its the same like a player who have to retired. haha..well im not retired YET..but at the moment, i gonna stop for a while, until FM2012 are introduced! what i hope is:

-FM2012 Will be more details for 3D highlight
-FM2012 will be more realistic in term of transfer, contract, interaction
-please give us chance to talk using our own word!
-FM2012 use genuine logo, c mon, wrap up your deal with NIKE!
-And i hope that this FM12 will attract more fans and make people happy and enjoy every minute that they play.

FM 2006 i was in college, FM 2010 I already in University, And in 2012...I am now in Real world life..the past has gone, the future will come, but the memory is never gonna change. thanks Football manager for being one of my happy memory..

yesterday is a history, today is a gift..tomorrow is mystery..