Friday, April 2, 2010


The day that i create this blog is when i almost have everything in Sheffield utd, i got the BPL, Champions league, FA cup, and i think that i have achieve what manager want, sometimes you will feel, its time to move on, after 7 season with sheffield, i want to test my managerial credibilities, by joining LEAGUE 2, BOURNEMOUTH..


when i first come, the club has the transfer embargo, so i have to rely on their squad, with only 4 COACHES!!!!

i dont know how to manage them, with almost all player are low attributes, i almost want take new team and just forget about this team. but i take it as a challenge.

my team are in the middle of the table at the first half of the season, and with january is coming, i have buy player that change my club position, from middle, to PROMOTION!!!

If you can see, i sign the player for free, and most noticeable is nicky weaver, michael misfud and beuzelin,.this THREE players have actually give my team strength for defend and attacking, im really proud of arrow show the dates of signing...JANUARY..and my total fee for transfer..

here is my standing after played all games...we beat 4th places at the final game, and manage to get 3rd place at the very last minute...LEAGUE 1, HERE I COME!!!


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