Sunday, July 13, 2014

Football Manager 2014 with Oxford Fc

Hi its been a while, 2 years with no update on Football Manager, now im back playing FM 14. Currently managing Oxford Fc. After this i will share my tactics being used, achievement, players, tips and stay tune..

Tips managing lower league clubs:

-First thing to do is get rid most of staff (goalkeeper, defensive, attacking coaches)
it is because most of them are not good to train the players. Try to get better coaches to increase players ability
-Always look at free players, they might be useful and valuable to your team
-Find reputable tactics in google, easier for us to get results.
-Get friendlies at least 5 times before season begin
-Get lower league clubs for friendly, by winning matches, your players will gain more confidence.

For next tips, i will be sharing how to do team talk..thanks


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