Sunday, March 7, 2010


everyone must have use and create and use their tactics and some times we got dissapointed in our tactics and finally download others tactics ( like me)..huhu..

now i have my own tactics, but i use it in AWAY match ONLY and wit BIG CLUBS..because i read so many forum and one from truefootballmanager said that if we in away match, slow the tempo, and result will come ( team talk in FM2010)HEHE...

HERE the tactic:


-first, you must have good winger, to drible and run with the ball as this tactics is defensive, so dont have to many attackers,

-second, must have pacey striker with good finishing, and dont forget in midfield, must have one good hard tackler defensive mid.

-last but not least, must have central defender with good marking, this tactics depends on counter attacks, so you must have a solid backs.

i manage to defeat real madrid 2-1 in champions league final using this tactics, and other big try it..


Xario said...

Mujarab ke tactik ni
aku ramai FW
leceh la nk rotate..
tactic lain ade x?

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