Sunday, July 13, 2014

Football Manager 2014 with Oxford Fc

Hi its been a while, 2 years with no update on Football Manager, now im back playing FM 14. Currently managing Oxford Fc. After this i will share my tactics being used, achievement, players, tips and stay tune..

Tips managing lower league clubs:

-First thing to do is get rid most of staff (goalkeeper, defensive, attacking coaches)
it is because most of them are not good to train the players. Try to get better coaches to increase players ability
-Always look at free players, they might be useful and valuable to your team
-Find reputable tactics in google, easier for us to get results.
-Get friendlies at least 5 times before season begin
-Get lower league clubs for friendly, by winning matches, your players will gain more confidence.

For next tips, i will be sharing how to do team talk..thanks

Thursday, June 21, 2012


EURO or Any major tournament are one of big platform for manager to scout new talent, here is one of many tips to scout very good player to buy.

- Have a specialize scout on your team, meaning that each scout must have at least two country that he has good knowledge on it. Chances to get good player are high.
- Send as many scout as you have to tournament, doing this can get different players from every scout, you can have more choices of player then.
-Put restictions on player criteria such as age, attributes, or position.

This is some of tips for big tournament such as EURO 2012..wish you best luck!!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Hi for those who play lower league, i would suggest to look at this free player, really good.

Gary Doherty from Charlton
Price: 30-50k
position: DC
AGE: 31

Lee Molyneux
Price: FREE
Position: LB
Age: 22

Michael Stewart from scotland
Price: FREE
position: MC
aGE: 30

Kelvin Etuhu from nigeria
Price: FREE
position: ST

Omar Koroma
Price: free
position: ST

this are some fm12 free players that i bought for Bournemouth, will update more on fm12 tactics later..

Monday, November 14, 2011

Testing FM12 tactics, player, training with Bournemouth

Hi guys, i just buy FM12, starting to play it, experimenting with new interface, transfer, tactics, try to find any free players available..will update the perfomance of all the player that i bought for Bournemouth later. here is what i've done on my first season of FM12


-Add GK, Coach and 1st team coach, AND scout (wage: around 600-1000 pound)
-tips: man management at least 10 , discipline at least 5 or 6 and other skills, base on what you want to find, if defense coaching, then it must be 15 and above, (14 is enough for npower league 1)


- no transfer budget? so i suggest free player..(make sure get a scout first)
-find player avg age 22-30 player, so that they already can play straight into the team.
-player to suggest? will come back on this.


-try 4-3-3 formation that i'v use before but tweaked it a little bit, so that my team will adapt to it without having to lose so much stamina.

Will update progress over the next few weeks,..stay tune guys!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Football Manager 2012 oR FM12..

Hi all, its been a while since my last post, and i am not as active as before, playing FM was one of memorable moment of relaxing,and i enjoy it from the first FM i have played(fm06). But now, life must go on, each one of us will grow and be a more matured human i guess, its the same like a player who have to retired. haha..well im not retired YET..but at the moment, i gonna stop for a while, until FM2012 are introduced! what i hope is:

-FM2012 Will be more details for 3D highlight
-FM2012 will be more realistic in term of transfer, contract, interaction
-please give us chance to talk using our own word!
-FM2012 use genuine logo, c mon, wrap up your deal with NIKE!
-And i hope that this FM12 will attract more fans and make people happy and enjoy every minute that they play.

FM 2006 i was in college, FM 2010 I already in University, And in 2012...I am now in Real world life..the past has gone, the future will come, but the memory is never gonna change. thanks Football manager for being one of my happy memory..

yesterday is a history, today is a gift..tomorrow is mystery..