Monday, May 31, 2010

Transfer, half season, and tactics

As i have been promoted to coca cola championship, i must prepare my team to bigger challenge, and more competitive teams.. as usual, my transfer policy is try to get quality player from free transfer because my club is not that big to give huge sum of is some player that i bought for this season:

as you can see i let go half of my squad (reserve + sub player) because i need a young and talented player in my squad,.some player that i hope to make big contribution in this new season is Striker David ELm, Mid peter whittingham ,Keith Fahey and Central defender Pogatetz..

I have to sell my top goalkeeper Tom Heaton as he want to move for bigger challenge, because of that i manage to replace him with stuart taylor, from Man City for free.

to make some money later in the future, i also bought young and talented player such as Ben Amos (gk) , Fabio Borini (st), Chris Smalling (def) and Craig Rogddan.

half season has past, my team look okay but still need improvement especially in defense..

tactics that i use is same with past season, but depending on team that we face..5-3-2 tac is no longer effective, so i change to 4-4-2 attacking tactic for home match and 4-5-1 tac (for away mostly)..some tips for all, if the weather in match day is raining, please change pass to more direct..enjoy!!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

End of season two..PROMOTION..

hi all, after long hard season, i manage to get promotion to coca cola championship. Using several tactics to survive in this league is a very hard job for is the standing..

my player FEBIAN BRANDY is the top scorer bagging 30 goals..look for yourself:

now the board room have give extra quota for coaches, from 4 coaches, to 10 coaches..thanks board!!..transfer budget?? still low..need to let go several player...see you all in the next post..

Saturday, May 15, 2010

5-3-2 tactics

i have been chosen as manager of the month, using this tactics

i think this is the best tactics i have created so lets look on my tactics

this is an attacking 5-3-2 tactics..

use very fluid for philosophy

shorter for passing

more roaming for roam

for adnvaced:

for player instructions

midfield- set to box to bot midfielder
striker- set to complete forward
centre defend-one in the middle is 'cover'

for in game use 'get ball forward'


download 5-3-2 tactics