Tuesday, December 7, 2010

tips of the day for FM11

HI all..today im gonna give some tips for you who play lower division for example npower league 1, or 2..


-dont to extreme, like 'all out attack'...your player might get tired and concede at the very last minute.
-vary your tactics, attacking and defensive...it help your player to control stamina in the game..for example, if you leading 3-0..you might change tactic to 'take a breather' rest a bit..


-man management and discipline is above 9 or 10...it will help your player to follow and improve their attributes..
-put 1 coach limit to 3 assgment for effective training schedule..


-always look for future...buy young player that have potential..keep them so that their price will go up and then sold it to make revenue..
-always filter your search to 'expiring in 6mth'...see player who will out of contract..and get ready to sign them..

Friday, November 26, 2010

FM 2011 with Bournemouth

like FM10, I select Bournemouth as my first team to manage..

BDGET- 30k wage bdget, 0 transfer fee

WE Start at League 1 ( before championship)

my target is to win promotion and get new player..

talk about new feature, maybe i would try to upload some of my match here, because now we can upload our match to youtube..so stay tune...

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

FM 2011

Dear all, its been a while since my last update my FM10 Story, tactics and tips..and FM10 time has past,..now were looking forward FM 2011 !!

FM11 NEW Feature is:

-Improve 3d match engine (night match, more realistic, animation)
-Improve database (more update-player, club, logo, rules)
-Improve contract and transfer negotiation

i really excited to start my season, watch which lower league team i will handle and can i bring again success like what i did with Bournemouth?..we'll see..

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Season 2012/2013

here is my transfer, i was given bdget around 50MILLION, and that is more than enough to strengthen my squad:

I buy two central defender tommy spurr and miranda, their ability was very strong for centre half (heading 17, marking 16, tackling 17)

my highlight was i able to buy experience striker jermain defoe because he was transfer listed, sometimes you really need to be alert in the transfer market, chances like this doesn't come to often.

i also buy some young talent, such as Graziani, Chementi, Andre, Matic, Robertson to backup and maybe be a key player for the future.

the sad part is, i have to let go some of my player, and one of them is rajkovic because he want a new challenge, same like solvi ottesen, my two most important centre half..febian brandy is not up to mark for epl , so i decided to let him go as well..gudluck for them with their new club!!

Season summary..

i manage to end my season 12th place, not a bad start for first time in EPL, any here is my season summary, my player is the signing of the season, performing really well..

here are my final position:

we certainly need to bolster our squad with defence, and next season i will try to find defence, and some cheap attackers..

Saturday, July 17, 2010

new season, new player, new tactics

i've been promoted to EPL and need new player so that my team would not be relegated..here are new player that i bought for free and for a fee...(27million transfer bdget..)

have to let go many players because some of them are not good enough for EPL, the most promising and valuable player that i bought was tomasz kuszczak, for free..not to forget also wonderkid nacer barazite for 4.8m..

Tactics that i used depend on opponent strength, weakness, and condition on matchday..

here are some of tactics that i use, i zip in one folder, so that some of you can try all of them if one tactics does not fit with your team.tactics that i included in the folder was:





download here

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Long Hard Season Paid off..

after long hard season, i finally manage to get promotion, from play off final..EPL, here we come..

i give my appreciation to my striker, Febian Brandy, i did not expect him to score so many goals like in coca cola league One..but he is awesome..maybe will be the next Rooney, Messi or Ronaldo i guess...

Monday, May 31, 2010

Transfer, half season, and tactics

As i have been promoted to coca cola championship, i must prepare my team to bigger challenge, and more competitive teams.. as usual, my transfer policy is try to get quality player from free transfer because my club is not that big to give huge sum of money..here is some player that i bought for this season:

as you can see i let go half of my squad (reserve + sub player) because i need a young and talented player in my squad,.some player that i hope to make big contribution in this new season is Striker David ELm, Mid peter whittingham ,Keith Fahey and Central defender Pogatetz..

I have to sell my top goalkeeper Tom Heaton as he want to move for bigger challenge, because of that i manage to replace him with stuart taylor, from Man City for free.

to make some money later in the future, i also bought young and talented player such as Ben Amos (gk) , Fabio Borini (st), Chris Smalling (def) and Craig Rogddan.

half season has past, my team look okay but still need improvement especially in defense..

tactics that i use is same with past season, but depending on team that we face..5-3-2 tac is no longer effective, so i change to 4-4-2 attacking tactic for home match and 4-5-1 tac (for away mostly)..some tips for all, if the weather in match day is raining, please change pass to more direct..enjoy!!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

End of season two..PROMOTION..

hi all, after long hard season, i manage to get promotion to coca cola championship. Using several tactics to survive in this league is a very hard job for us...here is the standing..

my player FEBIAN BRANDY is the top scorer bagging 30 goals..look for yourself:

now the board room have give extra quota for coaches, from 4 coaches, to 10 coaches..thanks board!!..transfer budget?? still low..need to let go several player...see you all in the next post..

Saturday, May 15, 2010

5-3-2 tactics

i have been chosen as manager of the month, using this tactics

i think this is the best tactics i have created so far..so lets look on my tactics

this is an attacking 5-3-2 tactics..

use very fluid for philosophy

shorter for passing

more roaming for roam

for adnvaced:

for player instructions

midfield- set to box to bot midfielder
striker- set to complete forward
centre defend-one in the middle is 'cover'

for in game use 'get ball forward'


download 5-3-2 tactics

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Bournemouth 2nd Season, ATTACKING TACTICS..

i have gone through 2nd season for 8 games, things looking good for my team, using attacking tactics, 4-4-2 really not a problem for me, thank you for my new central defender, Ritchie De Laet and Stephen O halloran..

this is my position...


my club is not a big club, so the transfer budget are very low, acceptable for 3rd league in england, but i still managed to buy quality player, FOR FREE!!

IM NOT CHEATING, this is for real, before my first season end, i using FM2010 tips, praise player, declare interest to player that have six month left on their contract,.then the result is not dissapointing, manage to get 11 player for free...

last but not least, I buy CHRISTIAN VIERI, hope that he can play well..se you all soon..

Friday, April 2, 2010


The day that i create this blog is when i almost have everything in Sheffield utd, i got the BPL, Champions league, FA cup, and i think that i have achieve what manager want, sometimes you will feel, its time to move on, after 7 season with sheffield, i want to test my managerial credibilities, by joining LEAGUE 2, BOURNEMOUTH..


when i first come, the club has the transfer embargo, so i have to rely on their squad, with only 4 COACHES!!!!

i dont know how to manage them, with almost all player are low attributes, i almost want take new team and just forget about this team. but i take it as a challenge.

my team are in the middle of the table at the first half of the season, and with january is coming, i have buy player that change my club position, from middle, to PROMOTION!!!

If you can see, i sign the player for free, and most noticeable is nicky weaver, michael misfud and beuzelin,.this THREE players have actually give my team strength for defend and attacking, im really proud of them..blue arrow show the dates of signing...JANUARY..and my total fee for transfer..

here is my standing after played all games...we beat 4th places at the final game, and manage to get 3rd place at the very last minute...LEAGUE 1, HERE I COME!!!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010



direct link 1


direct link 1

direct link 2

direct link 3

psword: fm10 (if ask)

patch link:

direct link

thanz to ponziplayer..

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Taku Shibuya..

im back..last week was very busy for me, so much work to do, assignment, project,fuh..but now lets talk about FM2010!!..I buy this player called taku shibuya, very good pacey striker, in fact he is better than giuseppi rossi. ( according to my scout rating)..even though he is not so tall, but he can hold, control the ball very well, and has a very good speed, his heading? better than peter crouch i think, if you buy him, your club will made a huge revenue through shirt sales...believe it, he is asian, same like park ji sung. this is his attributes:

i can guarantee all of you, he can bag 20 goals in one season or more...so gudluck!!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


HERE come 2015-2016 season..so many changes compared to 2010 season, so many unknown player living in the FM2010. HAHA.. anyway this season i just focus on my coaching staff and only buy few player, i still have 50M in the bank to use, but i think my squad are good enough to challenge in new season.. here are new player that i bought:

play in midfield, can also play in attcking positions, his age now 22, still have much time to play for me..good..

this is central defender, buy from palermo 30m..take a chunk of my budget though..hope he can replace nemanja vidic cause vidic is getting old and weaker now..

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Remember John Avery???

hi all, before this i have post about john avery my wonderkids striker, the attributes i show you is when i first buy him, now i want to show you his attributes after through the second season..

he has improve in agility, acceleration, finishing, stamina, strength and many more..
now his value is 5M..at the age of 20..hmm not bad..

with so many clubs are interested in him, it will be difficult for me to keEp him, but i will try my best, until his value is 20M!! HAHA..

OK See you all in the next post, maybe on my NEW season..


everyone must have use and create and use their tactics and some times we got dissapointed in our tactics and finally download others tactics ( like me)..huhu..

now i have my own tactics, but i use it in AWAY match ONLY and wit BIG CLUBS..because i read so many forum and one from truefootballmanager said that if we in away match, slow the tempo, and result will come (hmm..like team talk in FM2010)HEHE...

HERE the tactic:


-first, you must have good winger, to drible and run with the ball as this tactics is defensive, so dont have to many attackers,

-second, must have pacey striker with good finishing, and dont forget in midfield, must have one good hard tackler defensive mid.

-last but not least, must have central defender with good marking, this tactics depends on counter attacks, so you must have a solid backs.

i manage to defeat real madrid 2-1 in champions league final using this tactics, and other big clubs..so try it..

Saturday, March 6, 2010


i've always dreaming to make 100millions of money through wonderkids that i develop by myself, but still in the end nothing has come out YET..is it no the NEXT ronaldo or Messi in 2014???..i always listen to my scout when buying hot prospect, nevertheless, its shit!! nothing happen so call 'wonderkids that i buy by listening the old, grumpy scout.

this post i will show you my own wonderkids, not using 100% scout advice.haha..


I just buy him last season i think, for 1.6m. i shock that in just at age 18, his finishing is better than wayne rooney!! dont believe?? just see...

see and remember the value of this player.. cause next post...you will surprise...

Thursday, March 4, 2010

My squad

SEASON 2014-2015

hahaha...maybe some of you would not believe it, believe or not, believe it...

my star player:





As you can see, maybe some of this player you know or not even exist in this year. huhu...next i will show you some of my wonderkids...stay tune..


So lets talk about my tactics, i have played FM since FM2006. and i usually use 4-4-2 formation, because several factors:

-its a balanced formation, in attacking and defensive, some formation are quite prone in defend or attacking like 4-5-1 (lack attacking force), 3-5-2 (to much exposure in defence)

-can use in most games, but not all are succesfull though. sometimes i used to play 4-5-1 formation (especially in away match and with big guns)..

next post i will show some screen shot of my team...