Tuesday, December 7, 2010

tips of the day for FM11

HI all..today im gonna give some tips for you who play lower division for example npower league 1, or 2..


-dont to extreme, like 'all out attack'...your player might get tired and concede at the very last minute.
-vary your tactics, attacking and defensive...it help your player to control stamina in the game..for example, if you leading 3-0..you might change tactic to 'take a breather' rest a bit..


-man management and discipline is above 9 or 10...it will help your player to follow and improve their attributes..
-put 1 coach limit to 3 assgment for effective training schedule..


-always look for future...buy young player that have potential..keep them so that their price will go up and then sold it to make revenue..
-always filter your search to 'expiring in 6mth'...see player who will out of contract..and get ready to sign them..


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